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can you see my halo?

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photo by Pille

can you see my halo? Posted by Hello

"Sometimes we have to sell our lives to make them go away"

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He said something, i dont remember so it probably wasn’t important. “So anyway” she said. “So anyway, so anyway, so anyway should be one word” she said. “Will you go with me” he asked. “Where?” “Where ever i deside to go”. ” Are you really asking?” ” Is that your real answer?”

She didn’t go with him. They had sex on the dry earth of an ancient river bed in Arizona. He flew his stolen plane back to L.A. and was shot to death before the plane came to a complete stop. She heard the news on the radio, she pulled over and cried. He should have gone with her. She reached Pheonix, stood down hill watched the house explode, then drove away into the sunset.