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"wireless connections mean laptops in bed"

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My first entry written from the comforts of a soft warm bed. My day was uneventful. i did not get out of bed and stumble accross my wallet or anything wonderful like that. But i did get to play with a cute baby. I subjected her to my music, and she did not puke on me. This i say is a good sign that she likes it. I went out for a little while, but only just to do some grocery shopping and wlak over to the place where i think my wallet was last with me to see if someone had turned it in. They had not. So much for the niceness of the swiss. Oh well, it was only money.

The walls of this room are all white, and when the lights are out it looks a bit freaky. The light in the middle of the ceiling is huge and round, like my own little sun. My bed is unbelievabley soft and comforting, i have huge pillows to hug. There is a wonderfly huge desk in which i plan on arting until i can art no more. And my window looks out on a square, and there are two art galleries across the cobble stone walk way. I like being aorund art. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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so i aparently lost my wallet. along with it 130 chf which is nearly the same as 130 usd, my half price card for the train, my three credit cards, with stupid amounts of credit avalible, my drivers licences which i just had replaced, and whatever else i had in there that ive completely forgotten about but will need tomorrow. *sigh* I was having a good day until i realized my wallet didnt just get mixed up in all the things i was unpacking. fuck fuck fuck fuck.

"If you give up fast enough, you wont have to wait long to get what you want"

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So, i have found a new job. YAY! Just as i had given up, and was prepareing to leave the country. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

ill actually be living in a city! NO COWS! with a post office, hell like 15 post offices, and busses and trains! yeah baby!

Im excited!


"I’m breathing downward, reaching"

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The white flakes fell from the sky and i looked up and smiled. There is no trace of it now, none of it stuck to the ground. But i remember it was falling, i was spinning in a dream.

"The fog will cover my trail"

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I can’t help but think that i’ve missed something; the memo that explains why i’m spinning. There is fly paper stuck on the wall, and i’ve been staring at the same dead flies for weeks. If i blow really hard i can make the flies move. They swing in my breeze. Maybe i can swing them to freedom. I don’t know what i am suposed to be doing. Everything is going by so fast, i just need a moment to catch a glimps of where i am. Then i can figure out where i need to go. Where can i go?