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10 things ive done you have not

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1) lived in 5 different countries in less than 5 years.
2) dropped out of university after only 4 months having already paid for the entire year.
3) been assumed to be german in two different countries ( neither one being germany)
4) had a relationship with two guys from two different countries,but never with anyone from my own.
5) been accepted to a single sex school even though you are the other sex
6) stayed in an old convent in Slovenia.
7) fallen in lust with a guy named Thor.
8) snorted artificial sweetener out of boredom
9) grown a watermelon in a fish bowl
10) been to a jackson five reunion concert

your turn

"memories have been proven to cause emotions"

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Things my ex thought i would want

framed pictures of “us”
2 odd socks
his “things i want to do before i die” list
tile coaster for matching mug

Things my ex thought i would not want

3 mugs (including the one that matches the tile coasted he bothered packing)
15″ flat screen monitor
hard drive with 3000 mp3, 3 movies, and some other stuff
glass tile with dragonfly raised design
candle holders
6 DVDs
guillotine for cutting paper
framed pictures of my first au pair children
25 sheets of decorated art paper

"the moonbeams shine through the dullness of my air"

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"drain me, i deserve you and my blurry heart"

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"If only i could have been a youth growing up in America"

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On july 6th 2004 i was lying in a four poster bed of a paris apartment watching tv alone. There was tons on, but only one movie in english. It had already started but for some reason i kept watching it. The movie somehow made me feel alive. Later I started my online blog and wrote this. SoAnyWay stuck in my head. I did not know what the movie was called, i looked desperately online trying to find it but failed. Tonight while looking at random channels i stumbled onto a movie which looked vaguely familiar. It was in fact the movie i so desperately wanted to see. Unfortunately it was dubbed into french, and it was the exact same spot that i had seen it from before. However i was able to find out it is called Zabriskie Point. I am not sure why i love this movie. But i do.

"self-absorption should be a virtue"

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Just out of curiosity.. does anyone actually read this thing?

"ooooh pretty colours"

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brightness comes in many faces, strangeness breaks in many sounds.

" through the eyes of glass between the leaves you watch as i fall screaming"

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ok, so i bought myself a digi cam. Ive decided that i will go on photo adventures, but i want to make it scavenger hunt like. Give me some things to look for this week. Wacky but not impossible.