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"water water everywhere and dont you dare push me in it!"

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So i went to Venice. Its expensive. Its full of tourist. But it was beautiful. I have lots of pictures but dont have anywhere to put them just yet so you only get these two.

"Sometimes parents do listen"

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So my parents sent me a package 2 weeks ago in hopes that it would arrive in time for my birthday. I thought it was going to be full of tastykakes, assorted junk mail that has gathered up over the years, and some ugly shoes that my dad picked out. Needless to say the package didnt arrive in time for my birthday, but damnit it was well worth the wait. Sadly while i got no tastykakes, I opened the box and to my surprise there sat a shiny new laptop! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

"i was flying into a super nova but my feet were still on the ground"

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these pictures were not altered. I guess the camera was seeing things like i was. Bright and blurry. I wasnt drunk.. i had a fever, but hell i was going out anyway!


Photos by Pille

"Things I learned the year i was 25"

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1) One shot of vodka can help you bring forth deep philosophical thoughts and conversations, but after half a bottle the only thing on your mind is “wheeeeeeeeeeeee”
2) I can’t make people love me, but making them hate me is a skill i possess.
3) The French really do believe it is polite to talk about themselves for long periods of time after meeting someone new.
4) How to purl, and knit in the round.
5) No matter how much water I’m drowning in, i am still not an island.
6) Lighting a gas stove with a lighter will not cause an explosion like my mother warned me it would.
7) I am more like my parents than i would like to admit but nothing like they think i am.
8) The Swiss make good wine, but keep it all for themselves.
9) Becoming obsessed with a bartender is not a good way to save money.

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"snowflakes melt faster than my heart"

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I hoard love because i don’t feel i get enough. Nothing you will do could give me enough. My mind blocks out love because it can’t tell the difference between your love and self hate. I hoard make-believe love. The love i thought you should have given, the love i can’t give myself. I want to scream out to the world that i don’t understand, but my voice gets trapped in a smile. The fake one on my face, you know, the one between me and you. Am i drunk now? No. But i want to be. I’m not an alcoholic, i’m worse, i wish i was. Is my life falling apart? Of course not, that would imply that at some point it was together. It wasn’t. Happiness? I’ve felt it some, i’ve faked it more. None of this ever made me happy, but for a long time i thought it did, i hoped it would. I decided to stop running, but i don’t know how to not hide.

its not a party if it happends every night

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Vodka is evil. Vodka is Evil. Evil. Evil. Evil.

"they really do eat beans on toast"

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I am back from my UK tour. It was both stressful and fun at the same time. my minions friends, did a lovely job at keeping me both occupied and happy. Wine was used, cider, food, films, and music. Other than the late arrival into leeds last week, and the extremely late departure from leeds this morning things went well. Someone needs to explain to the people who work at Leeds Bradford international airport that when snow falls from the sky, the runway will get covered in… thats right, snow. It started snowing at 6:30 am, and they didn’t think to start clearing the runway until 7:45, 15 mins after my flight was supposed to leave.I knew something was going to go wrong when they made me check in my carry on luggage, something always goes wrong when they make me do that. We only spent 2 and a half hours sat on the plane twiddling our thumbs waiting to be de iced. It was slightly amusing that people don’t understand that “sit down and fasten your seat belt” actually means sit down and fasten your seat belt. or that ” turn off your mobile phones” actually means turn off your mobile phone. One poor man was called by name and ordered to sit down, i laughed, but i laughed harder when the pilot announced that someone still had their mobile phone switched on and that we would not take off until they turned it off. They didn’t call their name though. And although i was sure my mobile was switched off i like everyone else on the plane double checked just to be sure. I didn’t want the next announcement to be” Quinn, will you switch off your god damned phone” That would have just been embarrassing.