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"…no really…"

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you ever get this feeling .. like you want need to scream and if you don’t you’ll just explode but nothing is really wrong but everything is completely wrong and you can’t fix any of it because its just the way things are but it all could change if only other people would cooperate but they wont because they are stubborn and have their own problems or reasons and don’t really know how much trouble they are causing you or rather they might but they don’t really care because its not really their problem its your’s?

"Well… they got one part right"

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According to

the quinn
1. a highly skilled young gentleman.also a sexy love god.and is the hardist crew member.

Quinn’s First Law
1. Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of it’s stated intent.

god you suck at life
1. See Quinn


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"OK, who signed me up for the dating service?"

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Ok so this is the second email ive gotten from some guy in Nigeria. What the fuck!

Date: Sunday, April 17, 2005 17:52:00
Subject: hi sweety sweety/i will send you my pic after i hear from u


How is life
generally, hope everything is moving fine.
Well as for me I am fine.
O well, I am kenneth thamos, 32years of age, I am
5.11 tall, 70 pound weight, fair in complexion with
brown eyes. I am Nigerian by nationality, currently
based in Dakar-Senegal in West Africa. I am very energetic,
smart looking and fine. Actually, I got through the
net and was pleased to express my feelings to you
as my spirit directs me, after I read your profile.
I must tell you this, it is most likely you a complete
with all the qualities in woman that can not be found
in others. Really, I desired to talk to you through
writing. Do you know that little interaction can lead
to morethan expectation? I desired to be your
intimate friend and to share ideas for better life. Please I
hope you will take me by word? Please consider
this word into the depest of your heart. I know for sure,
the day shall be more brighten when we shall come
to know each more. . Its has been my greatest
desire to meet a humble and hunest Friend which i
knew you are,Which i feel you are. To be candit, I
look forward to your earnest reply. Remain bless.

you can write me via my email


"April snow flakes bring what? May slush?"

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When i went to bed this morning ( sometime around 6 am) i could have sworn it was spring. But it seems i was wrong because i woke up to this. And its still falling, with no signs of stoping.

"we are not the robots we eat"

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"I make good home"

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this is the best offer ive had in a while…wonder if i should take him up on it..NOT


My name is Presley Martins and i saw your profile this eveningand i think you have the ability to live with and make a good home and i will like to know more about you and here is my emil address so we can talk over througth the email and my email is (EMAIL DELETED TO PROTECT THE and hope to hear from you soon,bye and stay bless.

My Best Regard to your friends,

Your faithful,


"i can’t"

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two more random pics from venice

"You don’t know who I am, and neither do I"

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watch and listen
nothing happens
nothing’s there

"someone elses eyes"

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I put on someone else eyes and the world was all blurry