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"Maybe its the cider that makes me see things…"

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"the only good thing about a sunny day is the shade you find under a tree"

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So, the internet at the apartment is for some reason or another not working. So i decided to venture out and try to find a free wifi connection. Apparently the entire city is a free wifi zone. So i am sat by the lake looking at the snow on the mountains and watching boats go by. The birds are singing and in the distance there is the hum of the machines used to construct a new hotel. There are bright redorange floating things on the water. You can tell the ones that have just been replaced. They are bright and clean. The older ones are covered with muck and bird shit. I want to jump in, but when you look closer the water looks green and manky and not as refreshing as it seems from further away. It would be freezing anyway. This is Lausanne on a lazy tuesday afternoon. Fighting ducks in the water, and people laughing.

"i’m a liar"

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we become what our minds believe us to be and we believe all the lies our lives tell us to see…


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I run down five flights of stairs.. or is it the same flight five times?
twenty three steps, turn left
twenty three steps, turn left
twenty three steps, turn left
twenty three steps, turn left
twenty three steps, turn left
where is the door?
Where is the fucking door?!
twenty three steps, turn left
twenty three steps, turn left
twenty thr…
this is ridiculous
you must be dreaming
wake up
wake up!
I run down five flights of stairs…

"Just thought i’d share"

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" So, its official.. i am stupid"

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So, on Sunday, November 28, 2004 I lost my wallet. I had gone out to get some food put my wallet in my pocket so id have money to pay for the food. But when we got to the restaurant the food was bought for me so i didnt need my wallet at all. Later that day i was looking for it but couldnt find it. I figured it had just gotten lost in me unpacking as i had just moved in here. But then i didnt find it at all, so i id the whole “fuck i lost my wallet” thing.
Well it turns out i did just loose it in me unpacking because i just found it in my backpacking backpack.. at the bottom looking all lonely and full of money. So while my credit cards are very unusable as they were reported stolen, i now have money! ! Yay
Oh, and i apologize for saying that the swiss were not nice for not turning in my wallet….

that is all