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In randomness from my mind, travel on August 27, 2005 at 19:40

I flew over the desert…. it was brown.
I bought a hardback copy of a book i have been wanting for months…
I spent $26 on it after tax…
I left it on the plane 😦
I survived my 10 hour adventure west.
I have decided that southwest airline flight attendents think all passengers are stupid.
I have decided that southwest airline flight attendents are usually right.

Seattle rocks.
Thank you.


In randomness from my mind on August 16, 2005 at 06:15

So i went out to eat with a friend yesterday. I ordered a Veggie burger and the guy asked me how i wanted it cooked. So i looked at him confused and said that it was a veggie burger. He asks again if i wanted it rare or well done. I looked at him and said “umm.. well?” I should have asked for it rare to see what he came back with.
In other news I HAVE A MOBILE PHONE!
if you want the number please ask and i shall give.


In randomness from my mind, travel on August 14, 2005 at 21:31

I rang the doorbell like i used to. Quick and violent. I looked through the clouded windows into the cloudy face of my father. His mouth was gaping and his eyes were very confused. He opened the door and asked me what i was doing here. I simply said ” i came back”. My mother appeared sometime later…”Quinn!” Surprise…
Then they looked at me.. ” Whats that in your face?” i thought it was obvious but i told them what it was. “Well it…” She just looked disappointed so to cheer her up i said “you wanna see my tattoo?” She was not pleased but she looked anyway. “What the hell is it?” I laughed.

the 11th hour…

In randomness from my mind, travel on August 10, 2005 at 08:24

When i left the US in september of 2001 I honestly did not think i would be returning. Atleast not for atleast a decade. The world was waiting for me after all… wasn’t it? Well, the world i guess is small, or it lost interest in me anyway.
lausanne, Switzerland to paris, France to aberdeen to edinbrugh to leeds to cambridge to london to Estonia to toronto to montreal to…the otherside of the boarder
So here i sit in a house in a strange US city waiting for it all to sink in.
North America… first thoughts…
– Were the cars always so big? Or are they getting bigger? I mean god they are huge! I search desperatly for a Peugeot or a Mini but none can be found.

Estonia, not just a country for thawed out cavemen.

In randomness from my mind, travel on August 3, 2005 at 14:20

Plane tickets to and from Estonia: 1,315.30 EEK*
Buses, trains and taxis: 632.00 EEK
Food: 534.00 EEK
Museums: 239.00 EEK
Alcohol: 460.00 EEK
Unaccounted for.. probably spent on alcohol 314.00 EEK

15 days as a freak attraction, countless hours trying not to look bored when everyone around was speaking estonian, and 3 sleepless nights at a folk festival… Priceless

Somethings money can buy, for everything else… there’s Mastercard

* 10 EEK is roughly equal to 1 swiss franc, which is almost 1 canadian dollar, which is kind of like .50 pence (UK)