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Estonia, not just a country for thawed out cavemen.

In randomness from my mind, travel on August 3, 2005 at 14:20

Plane tickets to and from Estonia: 1,315.30 EEK*
Buses, trains and taxis: 632.00 EEK
Food: 534.00 EEK
Museums: 239.00 EEK
Alcohol: 460.00 EEK
Unaccounted for.. probably spent on alcohol 314.00 EEK

15 days as a freak attraction, countless hours trying not to look bored when everyone around was speaking estonian, and 3 sleepless nights at a folk festival… Priceless

Somethings money can buy, for everything else… there’s Mastercard

* 10 EEK is roughly equal to 1 swiss franc, which is almost 1 canadian dollar, which is kind of like .50 pence (UK)


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