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my lucky day?

In randomness from my mind on September 1, 2005 at 06:42

I had an appointment at a temp agency this morning…. Did i mention i suck at taking test? Let me take the time now to say that i am a really bad test taker..( i am sooo bad that each time i took the S.A.T’s my score got lower.) Anyway, so i scored above average on all he written test, and surprisingly even though i had never done anything more than make things bold in microsoft word i scored well in that as well. My typing speed however, lets just say snails could have done better. Then there was the data entry, Apparently i was ” 100% accurate, but a little slow”. I didnt have the guts to tell the lady that i wasnt slow in entering the data, in fact i entered it rather fast. The problem was i was too stupid to figure out how to end the test. Thats right, i was tooooo stupid. I decided that being 100% accurate and a little slow was better than being stupid. I walked out of the temp agency thinking id never hear from these people again. In fact i was sure they had just tossed my paper work into the trash as soon as i’d walked out of the door. But i was wrong cuz I GOT A TEMP JOB! it pays $11 an hour which is nice indeed but it seems to only be 4 hours a day. Well it will be 4 hours for one day as i am sure these people will take one look at me and decide they never want to see me again. It made me happy anyway. But then my day got better! i was walking to meet some friends and there by the curb in the street laid $30! Two people walked by it and never even glanced its way, but not me. i didnt miss a beat. I saw it from across the street and i walked towards it and as i got to it i reached down picked it up and kept walking. i rock!