This is the world. This is my life. These are my words.

"i know where i am, so why do i feel lost?"

In randomness from my mind on October 3, 2005 at 02:54

It’s raining and it’s dark. I walked back from the cinema. Halfway with company. With music blasting in my ears i tried to pretend. I am not really sure what i was pretending, but i supose it doesnt really matter as i wasnt likely to believe myself and no one else needed to be convinced. I was alone.
I have been trying to find a room to rent. Someplace i can unpack, orginize my books on a shelf. Clutter. I have seen alot of places. Rooms advertized for rent. People requesting, requiring roommates. The problem for me is that with so many students, slackers, people here they can afford to be picky.
“I wanted to thank you again for coming over to see the place yesterday. You and everyone else we interviewed seemed like good fits for the room, so it ended up being a hard decision. Sadly, after chatting last night we settled on someone else. I wish you the best of luck finding a place! Thanks again”
Again, and again, and again.


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