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fake smiles, sharp knives

In randomness from my mind on January 26, 2006 at 19:04

So there is a new guy at work…Lets call him Rian. Rian sits behind me. I came in to work on Rian’s first day at 9:30 like usual. I did my normal morning duties… filling the coffee machine, making sure the copy machines and printers have paper went a few blocks away to pick up the mail for the day .. etc. By the time I actually get to my cubical pod its 10am. Let’s assume that everyone else normally gets in around 8 am. So Rian has been in the office for 2 hours. His desk area was already completely full of crap. Pictures of his wife, his kid, his mother, his father, some old people I will only assume are his grandparents, and possibly a picture of their family pet. His computer has been set to show pictures as its screen saver…. THEY ARE PICTURES OF HIS FAMILY! He has even attached a name plate to the file cabinet closest to him. Every inch of space that he could possibly claim has been filled with all things him (i found this really fucking creepy). And the things that were in the spots he claimed were neatly placed next to me. At this rate I can build another wall and have my own office which would actually be really great if it included sound proofing. Yes, Rian laughs. Rian laughs on the phone with clients, Rian laughs on the phone with contractors… Rian laughs on the phone with everyone. And Rian’s laugh is fucking annoying! His smile is fake. His questions are annoying, and sometimes I want to open up the window and… But Rian is actually doing a good job. He is trying to get caught up on things that were left undone for one reason or another. Trying to track down forms and submittals that have been lost on some ones desk in their in box for months in offices all over Seattle. So I can’t really be angry with Rian. No. Rian is doing good. But if he laughs one more fucking time I swear I’ll cut him.

Magic clouds

In randomness from my mind on January 25, 2006 at 19:26

I awoke yesterday to find a sky full of fire, and air that smelt like death. The air smells better today, and while there was sun again when I woke as I look out of the window now the clouds are coming in ever so swiftly and the hope of light is fading. Lately I have been distracted. My mind is trying to process so many things its not actually thinking about anything. I’ve been single for 731 days. No kisses in 754 days… and we wont even get into the rest. Its time I’ve started dating again, but I never learned how. I don’t know how to read people. How does one know when flirting is just flirting, or when it means there is desire for more? I find myself gazing off into the distance like the answers will be hidden on a cloud and if I look long enough… But there are no magic answer clouds.

computers can’t fly…

In randomness from my mind on January 23, 2006 at 19:14

So, my drunkard ways has finally made things bad. In a drunken stupor on night last week, i dropped my laptop onto the floor thus crushing the USB wireless adapter. This was more funny than annoying at the time as i still would be able to use the network cable in my room to have a connection. Well, it seems that the computer does not wish to recognize the network cable so it could be a hardware problem in which case the computer is just fucked. Oh well, guess that is what i get for operating a computer while under the influence.

and on the 28th day…

In randomness from my mind on January 16, 2006 at 20:45

On December 19,2005 it started raining. It rained again on the 20th, and every day after. At first i thought how nice it was that Seattle was trying to wash away the bad of 2005 in time to bring in a clean new 2006. But the rain didn’t stop. It rained January 1, 2006, and the 2nd, the 3rd… it just kept raining. I didn’t understand, i mean how could this be normal. Eventually (around day 20th) i realized that if it kept raining for 2 more weeks wes have broken a seattle record. So i got excited. Rain Rain Rain, more rain i said. But then on sunday (it would be a sunday wouldn’t it…) it drizzled in the morning, and then the sky turned into a sort of yellowish grey instead of a brownish grey, and it didn’t drizzle again until until the evening. But this of course wa snot enough to count as a rainy day. So even after 27 consecutive rainy days no records have been broken. But there is always hope. As i look out my window i see the familiar drops of rain falling once again from the grey brown sky. Lets hope for 33 more days just like it.

We turn to others in search of ourselves…

In knitting, photos on January 16, 2006 at 18:39

Photo from Seattle Times

look ma, im famous!

In knitting on January 13, 2006 at 20:59

so im in the paper. Seattle times.
click on the picture in the top left corner. im in the second picture. they dont even name me.. bastards

on the way to work…

In creepy men, randomness from my mind on January 12, 2006 at 17:55

I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus when a man in baggy pants walked over and stood in the rain shelter with me. He complained about the smell, and about it being cold. He was looking at me funny. Then I noticed that he was fondling himself while staring at me. Thankfully the bus came. He did not get on. I feel dirty.

A woman, clearly mentally and physically disabled was refused admittance on the bus because she had 2 medium sized trash bags full of stuff, most likely not trash. This has happened before, with the same woman, at the same bus stop, with the same driver. He was either being an ass, or there is history I am missing.

It started to rain.

yup, that was me

In randomness from my mind on January 6, 2006 at 23:32

So you know those people that everyone gets mad at or giggles at because they have gotten in the line at the grocery store and placed all their items on the belt, and then at the last moment realize they forgot their money…I am now one of those people. I spent 40 mins in the lovely market getting yummy things like yogurt (vanilla with cream on top!), red lentils, and fire roasted tomatoes. But no, i am now home, and i have no yummy food, no honey baked cereals, and no stalks of brocccollli. But hey, on the bright side i still have my grocery money, and really.. i didnt need to eat anyway.

look, i do smile! so ha!

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Photo By Stephanie