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you can take the boys out of the crazy city…but you cant take the crazy out of the boys

In photos on March 7, 2006 at 01:27

Yesterday i went hiking at Wallace Falls, with 3 of my roommates, and the dog. The 2.8 miles up the mountain were a wee bit hard on my overweight out of shape body, but i managed to make it. It was beautiful the entire journey. The 2.8 miles down the mountain was much easier but somehow harder on my feet. I didnt really get many good pictures of the trail or the falls, but i got some lovely pictures of my roommates… so i introduce you now.

can’t you see it in my eyes…

In randomness from my mind on March 4, 2006 at 03:36

I used to tell myself that no one would ever love me, but that’s not true. Someone did love me once. They loved me at a time when i didn’t love anything… not him, not me. I thought i did. I wanted so badly to believe that i was in love and we would be happy. But then, i didn’t know what happy was either. I found it eventually. I found love. I loved me, i loved him, and happy was going to be forever like in books. But it was too late. And now, its just me…but it’s not enough.