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In sickness, travel on August 23, 2006 at 16:03

i made it back to seattle around 3 am tuesday morning, 5 hours later than planned. during landing my head seriousy felt like it was going to explode. i cried the pain was so bad. i went to the doctor on tuesday afternoon. i have a sinus infection.. fun. i never thought i could be full of so much mucus. i have no energy to do anything, and i can hardly breath. but i need to get better now as on saturday i am supposed to start my week long desert adventure at burningman.

i keep seeing things

In travel on August 22, 2006 at 05:56

My laptop battery has only 15 mins left. It is probably for the best it hurts to have my eyes open now. I need to sleep. I though i needed to eat. i bought a bean burito frm tacobell.. i think this was a bad idea. America West is having all kinds of fuck ups tonight. There are alot of angry people, and alot of employees that dont care. I need to close my eyes now.

What happends in Vegas, stays in Vegas..

In travel on August 22, 2006 at 04:21

Yeah. So i got the airport in philadelphia with plenty of time to spare. I knit in the corner until they started boarding my flight. Everyone got on the plane in a timely manor.. and we awaited to take off. BUt of course we didnt take off ontime. We couldn’t take off because the fucking people in first class didn’t have their god dammed food. Thats right. They delayed taking off because the food for first class was missing. Let’s not metion that people in coach didnt get any food. well not unless they paid them cash for it anyway. I of course had no cash. We end up leaving phl 20 mins late, if not more. This is wonderful for me as the airline only gave me 20 mins to get from one flight to the next once we landed in las vegas. I told the flight attendent that i had a connecting flight at 8:45, but all she said was ” the flight is only 10 mins late” I repeated that my flight left at 8:45. ” That’s not a legal connection” she tells me. Well what the fuck. I booked the dammned ticket through your airline why are you trying to blame me. Slowly other people push the call button and it is apparent that lots of people have connecting flights leaving at 8:45, but the closeness of the connections must be our falt. THey announce that some people need to get off the plane to catch connections. But of course no one fucking cares. Im in the last row on the plane of course. Then they announce that the flight to LA was being held. But they dont give a shit about the seattle flight.. or apparently the portland flight as i later found out. I run anyway. I was promised by the unhelpful flight attendent that the gates would be close together. The bitch lied. It was almost 40 gates apart. I ran anyway. I get to the gate the flight is to leave from and suprise… its left. 3 mins before schedule. It was explained to me later by the nice man who refused to put me on a different airline, that the choice was made to close the doors early because the flight had no more seats. So, umm.. did they have a reserved place for me outside on the wing? I am annoyed. I am annoyed that airlines constantly overbook their flights. I am annoyed that they dont give a fuck if they screw you over. I am annoyed that the employees get paid shit and therefore dont give a fuck about your trouble. I have a headache. I can’t breath. My head feels like its going to explode. Im hungry. I feel like im going to pass out. and i just want to go to bed.
But hey.. im in las vegas.. i should go gamble. Only i have no money. yay.

red eye

In travel on August 20, 2006 at 05:57

Douglas dropped me off at the airport at 8pm on thursday for my 11 pm flight in anticipation of the security checkpoint. I went to the Delta self check-in, stuck in my debitcard, printed my ticket and walked towards security. The line wasnt anywhere near as long as i had expected. This made me happy. I stood listening to my ipod and laughing at the people in fornt of me trying to carry on water or some other liquid. I finally get to the beginning of the line and i present my passport and my plane ticket… I wish i had looked at my plane ticket before this point because then i would have noticed that the self check machine only printed out he second half of my trip. The security person noticed and refused to let me through. I walked back accross the airport and to the delta check in and waited my turn to explain what had happened. No problems. They printed the seattle leg of my journey and i again went on my way. I still found it amusing to watch the people in the security check trying to take liquids through. I reached the metal detectors and the x-ray machines and proceeded to remove my shoes, take my laptop out of its bag and place everyhting on the belt. They of course pause at my backpack, and call for a second set of eyes. DING DING. They of course search my bag. They open it up and the first thig they see is balls of yarn. ” are you a knitter?” “yes” i say and fully expect her to demand i hand over my knitting needles. She instead searches my lunch bag and when she finds no liquids thanks me and sends me on my way. I reached the gat by 8:40pm and realized that i had gotten to the airport way too early, so i start to knit.
My flight was uneventful,which is rare for me. I get to the airport and meet up with my brother whom i hadnt seen in atleast 5 years. the last time id seen him he had just gotten married. But the woman in the front seat of his car was not his wife, but his 28 year old ghetto girlfriend. I was not looking forward to the 2 hour drive to my parents house. But i managed to survive somehow. I got to dover said hello to my mother and promtly passed out on the sofa. I slept for several hours, but not long enough.

.. Why the U.S. Postal service works hate me, and i will never get a peice of mail on time

In randomness from my mind on August 3, 2006 at 17:57

When i was 16 my parents took a city kid and moved her to the fucking country. A new land of trees and cows, and mailboxes with little red flags. I grew up with a mail slot in the door. The mailman put the mail through the slot everyday and you hoped you didnt have a package too big, or that the dog didnt pee on or eat your mail while you were away for the day. Not in the country. In the country they have boxes on a stick that you put in the ground in front of your house by the road. The mailman just drives up and sticks the mail in. And you know when he has come by because he puts the little flag down. Or so i thought. When we first moved we had no incomming mail for atleast a month, but i put that little red flag up everyday so that i would knwo when the mail had come, just incase i had a letter waiting. Then i found out that the flag is to signal you have outgoing mail for the mailman to pick up. Oops. I felt a little bad but then i though im sure it happends all the time. Everything was fine at first. We eventually started getting mail. and sometimes we put mail in to be picked up. I fully understood how to use that little red flag. Then one day i was walking home, i suppose i was a 1/2 mile form my house, and i saw an envelope on the ground. I was excited. i mean yay i had just found random peoples mail. I picked up the enevelope and excitedly looked at whom it had been addressed to and to my supprise.. it was addressed to me. WTF! And that was the beginning. I started to get letters that were slightly damaged. Some letters never at all. They hated me, and they were all out to get me. I thought i had escaped their wrath by moving. But apparently i was wrong. Yesterday i missed the delivery of an important package. I got that card they give you syaing when it will be avalible for you to pick up. It said it would be ready at 9 am today. So i get up and i walk over to the post office, luckily its only 2 blocks away. I get in line and i hand over my slip to the nice lady and she disappears into the back. I wait… and i wait and i wait. 15 mins later a nice man has my slip and he tells me to get out of line and wait over by the door. And i wait, and i wait and i wait. 15 mins later and he comes over with no package in hand. ” It must have been taken back out for delivery” He hands me back the slip and walks away. Wonderful. I walk the two blocks home and as im walking up the steps i see a new nice slip inside the mailbox. FUCKING HELL!. If you are going to redeliver a package that requires a signiture than say you are going to try and redeliver it. Dont tell me i need to go pick it up and then remove it from the pick up location!!!!! I calmly walked back to the post office and past everyone in line, to the door, and calmly demanded that they call the fucking postal worker who had my package and see where the hell they were. I have been told that the mailperson will redeliver in the next 45 mins. So im waiting. *sigh* It was just a damn red flag.. i was young and i didnt know. Why do they keep harrassing me.

… and i would have gotten away with it if it wern’t for those damned kids…

In photos on August 2, 2006 at 07:49

curiously strong

In randomness from my mind on August 1, 2006 at 22:00

I started dating when i was 27. I feel like an awkward teenager confused and giggling except i’m not allowed to make the same mistakes. At least not with the same excuses and as much forgiveness. But this is how you learn to deal right? by making mistakes..I’m making tons, so it should work out for the best in the end…