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ARGYLE! … almost done

In crafting, knitting, photos on December 27, 2006 at 03:25

So i was knititng that purple sweater. I knit all the peices for it. I hate it. I gave it to a friend to seem up and to wear when she gets around to finishing it. I will make myself a new one one day in a different colour. I am sorry to disapoint. however…Look what i did make! It still needs some work. It hasnt been seemed together its currently being held together with safty pins, and i still have to put some ribbing on the neck and the arm holes, but it will look mostly like this umm but better!
And to prove that i did in fact knit this with my own two hands i give you photo proof.

Last photo taken by one of my roommates ( kyle or Nathan or Dominic)