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In crafting, photos, soap making on February 25, 2007 at 19:40

Yesterday was Soap day. I ran to my closet ( the cool dark place where i left my soap to cure) and stood on my tipy toes to reach the large towel wrapped bundle. I put it down on the kitchen table and banged the hell out of it to make the soap come out. We made one extra large brick, one large brick, and 4 small bricks. The extra large brick was straight form a book. A honey vanilla soap it was supposed to be… it was the one that didnt turn out as planned. It is a hard soap, but it is too hard. It just crumbles.It will have to be gratted and melted down and hopefully the next time it will be useable.The other bricks turned out wonderfully. I dont have any photos of Carly’s soap because i cut it up and gave it to her before i took any. Hers turned out the best. I think its beginners luck.


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