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A Duck.

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In 3 months and 23 days i will be aboard a train headed south to L.A. This train will take somewhere between 35 and 42 hours, 35 if it is ontime which is not likely. I will then spend aproximately 72 hours in L.A before i get on an Air Pacific flight headed to Fiji. I have a 3 hour layover until i board my flight to Aukland, New Zealand. I will spend 17.5 days pretending i am in the lord of the rings movies, though not very convincingly. At the end of my 17.5 days i will board a plane headed for Bangkok, Thailand. I think i will only spend about 2 days in Bangkok before heading to Cambodia. Three weeks in Cambodia. Three weeks in Vietnam. Three weeks in Laos. And aproximately 4 weeks to explore Thailand. Before flying out of Bangkok for London. I will most likely only spend a few days in London before heading to Finland where i will hopefully have a job and a place to live waiting for me. This is the most expensive plane ticket i have ever purchased, but well worth it. Now i am debating if i want to spend the $630 to get vaccinated for everything one could possibly get in south east asia. I’ve decided to go ahead with the Hep A shot( $34 x 2 = $68), the Typhoid fever pills ($54), and the Malaria meds($unknown), but i am still pondering the Hep B shot ($50 x 3 = $150) though i will most likely get it, the Japanese encephalitis however.. at $106 (x 3 = $318) i think ill be passing on that one. Let’s hope im not that 1 out of 1000 people that gets bitten and sik, and then if for some reason i do get sick lets hope im not that 1 out of 100 people that dies.


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In May I truly think it best
To be a robin lightly dressed
Concocting soup inside my nest
Mix it once, mix it twice
Mix that chicken soup with rice