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NewYork part 1

In photos, travel on June 24, 2007 at 03:56

Today i rode my first NYC subway, and i wasnt harrassed, molested or attacked in anyway.
I had pizza at place under the brooklyn bridge, the wait was long, the pizza good, and the company of random strangers in close proximity pleasant.
I walked accross the Brooklyn bridge…


I went to TEH GOOGLE NY! OMG it was totally awesome. Like a toystore with technology ooozing out of every corner. They had scooters you could ride around the office.. SCOOTERS! and legos and yoga balls and beenbags and and and and.. i wish i was a computer geek so i could work for google.
Then we finished the night off by watching a traveling play.. like the actors walked around the city and you were suposed to walk around with them to get all the parts.
It was a very fun fileld day.
Can’t wait until tomorrow….


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