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The cold cold south. travel-log (day 17) Upper Hutt, NZ

In new zealand, photos, travel on September 6, 2007 at 22:27

One would think that people who live in cold places would have elaborate ways of warming their homes.  One would be wrong.  The houses in New Zealand are not equiped with heaters, nor are the houses insulated. This means it is cold cold cold! New Zeland sits aproxbetween 38 – 48 degrees South, only 32 degrees from the south pole which sits at 80 degrees south. That is roughly equal to the bottom tip of Sweeden’s and or Montana’s closeness to the North pole( for starters).  No one would give it a second thought if you said these places were cold in the winter, but you say that it is cold in New Zeland and people look at you funny. Last night it was 41°F  (5°C ) outside, which means it was 41°F (5°C ) inside. I bundled up in my sleepingbag, which is suposed to keep me not frozen down to 20°F (-7°C ), and a thick blanket. Curled up on an air mattress next to a space heater i managed to fall asleep. I dare not have any part of my body exposed to the air. This meant my head was fully enclosed inside the sleepingbag and i placed a pillow above my head so that there would be no draft. In the morning Dan and Courtney come out of their room dressed in what looks like enough layers warm enough to climb a mountian.. they were dressed in their Pjs. As i crawled out of my warm cocoon i wondered how i was ever going to survive living in Finland. But then i remembered… Finnish people believe in heat!

I have uploaded my photos so far.

There is one set of photos taken in new zeland.

One set of bathrooms that i have used since leaving the US.( this set will continue to grow throughout my travels.

My US train adventure. Not many photos and most of them boring.

And somewhere on the main page there are a few photos of the fiji airport.


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