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C'est comme Paris!, travel-log (day 51), Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

In photos, travel, Vietnam on October 9, 2007 at 06:03

Ho Chi Minh is like Paris… except its full of Vietnamese people and not French people. The traffic here is something else. Its a small miracle every time i make it across the street without being creamed by a motor bike, or car, or truck, or bicycle. Yesterday i did a walking tour with a Belgian couple i met on the boat from Cambodia. It was fun and hot and long. Today i relaxed a bit more. I went to a few museums and walked around trying to find a SIM card for my phone. Through a series of hand jestures and about 20 mins of me speaking extreemly bad Vietnamese i managed to get a SIM card and add money to it. The SIM card cost me 100,000.00 VD ( like $5) and it came with 100,000.00 VD of calling credit . So basickly the actual SIM card cost me nothing. This phone should work until i leave vietnam. I would like to think it will work in Laos, but its not likely to.

I have again grown tired of city life and will be leaving tomorrow for Dalat. Feel free to call me at any time. It will cost me nothing, but it might cost you a few arms and legs.

from the us and canada 011 84 90 7409838

from europe +84 90 7409838

Feel free to leave voice messages if i dont answer, though i havent yet figured out how to check them.

NEW PHOTOS There are alot of them. They are mostly photos of buildings. might be boring.

Pre Rup temple

Eastern Mebon

Ta Som temple

Neak Pean temple

Preah Khan

Angkor Wat

Angkor Thom

Ta Prom

land mine museum

Banteay Srei

temple i saw the sunset at, i dont remember its name

  1. wow! sounds like an adventure. i’m sure at this point it’s becoming commonplace. i’m glad you are able to indulge the people that miss you with these teasers.
    i can’t wait to hear about Laos. It’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for awhile.
    p.s. doesn’t Angkor Wat have the killing fields? or am I thinking of another place in Vietnam? Did you see them or any other historical markers of the reign of Pol Pot?

  2. There are “killing” feilds all over Cambodia. The famous killing feilds are located near Phnom Pehn, but that is the complete opposite side of the country to Angkor Wat. I went to S-21 and the photos to such have just bene uploaded to my flickr acocunt.

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