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Yesterday i flipped someone off, Travel-log (day 65), Sapa Vietnam

In travel, Vietnam on October 23, 2007 at 21:17

I started walking back to the train station and i realized i should probably eat. I just wanted something simple like Pho. I found a pho place full of locals, so i went in. They seemed very confused but ran over to get me a menu. It was of course all in vietnamese but i knew roughly what the vegitarian food should look like so i searched the menu for somethign familiar. When i didnt find anything i got out my phrase book and tried to get them to understand i did not want any meat or any fish. Once they understood that they handed me a new menu, but this one only had rice dishes. So i searched more to try and explain that i wanted vegetable Pho. My pronunciation must have been worse that horrible. Finally i asked for a pen and wrote it down. Pho rau. When it arrived i filled my soup bowl with garlic and chilli paste which was sitting on the table. It was a huge bowl of soup. I couldnt finish all the broth. The people inside were rather nice, and for a moment i forgot that i had recently decided to hate this entire country. That is until i continued my walk to the trian station. There were many groups of laughing and pointing. Staring and oogling. But it was the group of 10 guys that started laughing and calling out to me to go over to them and mocking the way i was walking that i guess pushed me over the edge. And unlike my normal self in anger i stuck up both middle fingers and continued to walk away. They stopped laughing but i did not turn around to see what they were doing. I got to the trian station and got my bag out of the locker and proceeded to the waiting area. Eventually i boarded the train. The people in my sleeping cabin seemed friendly enough but i was not really in a socializing mood so i took out my sleeping bag and promptly went to sleep. I woke at some early hour in the morning to the sounds of people waking but a still dark room. We reached the train station around 06:15 and i paid for a mini van to Sapa 35 km away.
It is cold here. I am literally in the clouds. The people are friendly. They are still curious of my colour, size and hair. Just a few moments ago an old lady came up wo me and hugged me and tried to put a hat on my head. She almost didnt let me continue walking which i found a bit annoying, but she wasnt mean about it in any way. I think i ­ill stay here a few days to relax and read.

  1. I am back from North Carolina. I enjoyed the trip and I am slowly posting some of the photos from the trip.

  2. Well written. Wish I was there with you.

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