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ELEPHANTS!, Travel-log (day 80), Luang Prabang Laos

In Laos, travel on November 7, 2007 at 10:33

My Elephant Expidition

Our first ride was tame and touristy. We sat on a wooden bench that was fitted and strapped to the elephant. We treked through the jungle. I was very greatful for the loosely fit “safety” bar as we went up and down steep mountian passes. After the first ride we ended up back at camp where we fed first the elephants and then ourselves. After lunch we put on our blue Mahout suits and tried to remember the elephant direction instructions we were given at lunch. It wasnt long after we had mounted our elephants that we began to discover that our “training” was completely useless as the elephants were going to do what the elephants wanted to do no matter what we shouted at them. My elephant did not seem very pleased to have a apassenger. He kept slapping me with his ears and rubbing my legs and feet aginst trees. We walked into the jungle and to a river. My elephant refused to go into the water. He refused to do anything i asked but instead did everything the elephant in front of me did, which mostly involved eating. We eventually leftthe elephants in the jungle and ran to the river with inertubes in hand. We floated down the river with our buts in the water and tried to avoid running into trees and rocks. I managed to leave the river uninjured. That night i had the worst nights sleep. The mattress was covered in plastic. We were attacked by the fitted sheet as it slipped and slided. Our pillows poped from under our heads like they were attached to over streached rubberbands, and the roosters stareted crowing at 3 am. Then they woke us up at 05:50 to get he elephants from the jungle. I was grumpy, and tired and woke up with a headache. Then i realized i was going to somehow manage to get on to my elephant from the ground. After 2 mins of people pushing on my ass i was on the elephant. The ride was hard. Mostly all downhill. My elephant wasnt trying to kill me this time but my tiredness was making it difficult to hold on. We got down to the river to give the elephants their morning bath. My elephant went in with no problems this time, but while everyone elses tiny elephants were getting them all wet my elephant was so large that i was still nowhere near the water and stayed mostly dry. I was more awake by that point and thus less grumpy. We walked the elephants back to camp and said our goodbyes.  We ate breakfast and prepared for our bamboo rafting journey.  It took hours and hours and hours, but it was very relaxing and fun!

I miss my elephant.

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