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Everyone should know when its over, travel-log (day 134, the end), Jyväskylä Finland

In finland, randomness from my mind, travel on December 31, 2007 at 20:01

When i started traveling i had some bizare idea that i would meet locals and learn about cultures. essentually i was going to have a go at being an anthropologist. I had planned to visit majour places but avoid the backpacker traps. I soon realized that i didn’t know hwo to do that. I still tried, but somewhere along the way.. probably Vietnam where i grew to hate all people… i stoped trying. I still didn’t end up bar hopping in every backpacker ghetto but i found myself surrounded by those people who did. I started to think that i had failed myself. I the anthropologist had just become another one of those westerners along for cheap thrills.. but then i realized that i was never really there to study the natives of the lands i was in. I wasn’t prepared for it. I had little background on them there was no way i could accurately study them. i did however come with th eknowledge of the western world. And i was very capable of observing, judging, and analyzing the actions of the backpackers around me. And so i did.. and it was good.

My travels are over for now. Soon i will be safely settled in Finland. New job, New home, New city to explore. But its stable, no more adventurous bus rides next to chickens, or sketchy boarder crossings. No more dirty guesthouses with questionable food. By the end i grew weary of hot weather and strangers, but i will miss it. For now i will try my best at learning Finnish, and hope it decides to snow.

Goodbye 2007….

Happy new year.

your kingdom for a drink, Travel-log (day 117), Bangkok, Thailand

In randomness from my mind, Thailand, travel on December 14, 2007 at 12:57

written in bangkok, posted from london.
In the city 65 baht would have awarded me, for example, one 1.5 L bottle of mineral water (15 baht), one95g bag of potatoe chips (30 baht), and one 250ml carton of veggie juice (20 baht). Or 3 servings of pad thai and a pack of gum. Sadly the thirsty and starving me found out that at the new shiny
Bangkok airport my 65 baht was not even enough for a small 500ml of water (70 baht). I paced the halls of the shopping mall around and glared at the hugo boss stores and the perfume stalls, the duty free shops and the cafes where the price signs mocked me and my 65 baht. I finally i found one cafe that would allow me to gift them my dingy 65 baht for one crusty croissant. I handed over every last baht i had and tried not to snatch the bag out of the guys hand. The croissant might have lasted two mins, and i think i even managed to taste it. And with the last bit of my thai money gone i sat desperately trying not to think of water.

manditory update #2, Travel-log (day 109), Phuket Thailand

In Thailand, travel on December 6, 2007 at 12:32

i am running out of money and internet is expensive so im cutting it out. There will be no further updates until i get to london on december 14th.

South Thailand is full of sweedish people..and will now be called New Sweden.

It is hot and i am looking forward to cold weather.

That is all.

manditory update, travel-log (day 106) Koh Phi Phi, thailand

In Thailand, travel on December 3, 2007 at 20:31

Still alive. Swimming with fish. Laying on beaches. Island hopping.