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your kingdom for a drink, Travel-log (day 117), Bangkok, Thailand

In randomness from my mind, Thailand, travel on December 14, 2007 at 12:57

written in bangkok, posted from london.
In the city 65 baht would have awarded me, for example, one 1.5 L bottle of mineral water (15 baht), one95g bag of potatoe chips (30 baht), and one 250ml carton of veggie juice (20 baht). Or 3 servings of pad thai and a pack of gum. Sadly the thirsty and starving me found out that at the new shiny
Bangkok airport my 65 baht was not even enough for a small 500ml of water (70 baht). I paced the halls of the shopping mall around and glared at the hugo boss stores and the perfume stalls, the duty free shops and the cafes where the price signs mocked me and my 65 baht. I finally i found one cafe that would allow me to gift them my dingy 65 baht for one crusty croissant. I handed over every last baht i had and tried not to snatch the bag out of the guys hand. The croissant might have lasted two mins, and i think i even managed to taste it. And with the last bit of my thai money gone i sat desperately trying not to think of water.

  1. If you came back to AMERICA water is $1.00 and Chips are $.25 you can afford that!!!
    Charlotte NC it is affordable here…

  2. FYI 15 baht = $0.45, and a 95 g bag od potatoe chips does not cost $0.25 in the us.

    unfortunatly charlotte NC is not located in Finland.. you know where i will be moving…. too bad *snap*

  3. Merry Almost Christmas, Quinn!

    But you are in Europe now… So I guess that would be “Happy Almost Christmas.”

  4. Hi, Quinn.

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