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Temporary lodgings.

In finland on February 29, 2008 at 08:51

So, i will be spending about a month house sitting. If anyone would like the address to mail me things then please send an email and i shall give it to you. I wont be sending out a mass email with this temp address, as i will most likely have a new semi-permanent address soon.


In finland, photos on February 26, 2008 at 08:51

Helsinki in February.. the coldest month. Notice the lack of snow.

A change of plans..

In finland on February 15, 2008 at 14:37


I am terribly  sorry that i keep giving you new information then changing it. So. I will most likely be quitting the job i have currently which means i will be moving. I do not know when i will be moving nor do i have a new address. This means don’t send me any mail. If you have already sent mail then that is fine it will arrive before i go. If you were about to send mail today tomorrow or even early next week. it is also ok, i will be here atleast until the beginning of march. However, if you did not already have it in a box, or envelope and about to take it to the postoffice than dont.
This also means that the new number i told you all to save. I need you to forget about it. The phone and the simcard belong to the family i work for and will be staying here. That old number i told you all to forget.. you need to remember it. It is +358-46-683-5334. You should all know by now what the prefix is to dial out of your country. Please check to make sure that you have the correct phone number saved.

I will keep you posted on a new address when i have one. And don’t worry. I have a few friends and they have sofas and if nothing else there is always couchsurfing!


Not that anyone calls me but….

In Uncategorized on February 12, 2008 at 19:20

Please note that my phone number has changed. I will carry both phones with me for a short while, but eventually i will stop checking the old number.

Mitä kello on?

In finland, learning finnish on February 6, 2008 at 14:44

Finnish is my 3rd attempt at learning a western european language, i started with German, and then followed that with French. But i honestly can’t remember how to tell time in french or german. I don’t think i ever learned  german well enough to worry about not being able to tell someone what time it was.. chances are i didn’t know i was being spoken to or i was pretending i didn’t hear. I am not sure what happened with french. I know numbers. I had conversations. Time i, suppose, just never came up.

What time is it? It seems like an easy question to answer if you have a watch. I have a watch, yet telling someone what time it is proves to be very difficult. Yesterday in class a room full of literate educated adults re+learned how to tell time. As we all know Europe does not use AM and PM (the UK does sometimes), they instead use military time (or the 24 hour clock). At least when writing  times. Spoken you can do as you please. I am no stranger to military time, however Finnish numbers arent exactly the shortest words. Something simple like 23:35 ( twenty-tree thirty-five, eleven thirty-five PM) becomes kaksikymmentäkolme kolmekymmentäviisi, (Which can be a mouthful especially when you are stumbling over a language) or kaksikymmentäviisi vaille kaksitoista (25 mins to 12 ) Which can be a bit confusing as you started with a 24 hour clock, but somehow ended up talking about a 12 hour clock.

As you know in English we tend to learn towards the pessimistic view of time. 12:30 is twelve thirty, or half twelve , half of the hour of 12 is over. In Finland 12:30 can also be twelve thirty ( kaksitoista kolmekymmentä), but more commonly it is half one (puoli yksi), halfway to one o’clock. Very optimistic. I understand the concept, i just have to remember to apply it.