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These are the first pair of socks i have ever knit. And they even fit.


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Someone once told me that there are random places in Finland that have boats in the water that never move. I was told that these boats stay in one place so that in the winter tine when the water freezes over locals can point out the the boat on what seems like a solid piece of land and say ” See there… thats water”. And the tourists can stand and ooh and ahh at the boat stuck in seemingly solid ground. This year the water did not freeze, so the boat in Saunalahti just looked like a pathetic sunken wreck.

A day in May

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Thank you Sarah!

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I moved to Finland with a pair of Dr. Martens boots, and a pair of Dr. Martens mary-jane type shoes. I love my shoes. Ever since i relaized that Dr. Martens ran big i rejoiced with the spender of finally having a reliable source of woman’s shoes. The end of winter weather rendered my boots useless leaving me with one pair of shoes. I love my shoes. However, i have been wearing the mary-jane type shoes for like nearly every day for the past 2 years. And really you should have more than one pair of shoes! By sheer luck a wonderful woman named Sarah ( whom i had only communicated with via Ravelry.. its like facebook for knitters.) was coming to Helsinki from Seattle. She was so very kind and wonderful and transported me some new Dr. Marten mary-jane type shoes, so that i now have 2 pairs of functional shoes! I had almost forgotten what it felt lke ot get a new pair of shoes. Ive been so excited about new shoes lately that ive started to randomly look at shoes online. Today i found myself gazing at the fluevog site. Just for eye candy you know. But then i discovered that they actually sell shoes my size. MY SIZE! (freakishly large) This made me almost over excited… There is nothing practical about Fluevogs… it’s bling for your feet. And i really think my freakishly large feet want some oversized¬† bling!

the beauty within

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Helsinki island life…

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Helsinki railway station, platform 6

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