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Romania: a short blurb.

In travel on July 21, 2008 at 23:44

From the air Romania is a checker board of greens and browny yellows. From the ground you can see the farmlands and fields of sunflowers. I ate a ton of fresh fruit from the markets. I feasted on freshly baked cakes and breads. I saw a ton of Gypsies, but did not manage to take any photos of them. I went on an adventure to Transilvania, in search of Vampires. Sadly, i did not see any, but Transilvania was beautiful. I sat outside of an orthodox church for an hour listening to the music/chanting and photo stalking the old people walking in. I took the train back to Bucharest where i found the temperatures too hot to walk. I spent too many hours in search of a post office on a sunday. I wrote postcards, but they will remain unmailed.

  1. Sounds so wonderful. Lindsay and I have been talking on and off for years about going to Romania, now it seems like we really need to go. With a stop over in Funland!

  2. I want to go to Romania. You are great, Quinn.

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