This is the world. This is my life. These are my words.

Left to die.

In a closer look, photos on October 21, 2008 at 19:10

I’ve said before that i don’t like to eat seafood. It is true that it makes me ill, the thought of eating it makes me ill. But having said that.. i love the sea. I always feel better in or near water. I make a point of living in places with good access to water. I have been taking Emilia down to the docks more lately instead of stopping to feed to sheep. She likes to sit on every bench we pass and i like to stop and stare at the waves in the water. As the weather starts to turn people are starting to remove their boats from the water and retire them to their winter homes. They clean them and carefully cover them to protect them from the winters weather. We came accross many piles of barnacles disguarded and dying. But somehow still shining.


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