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London to Seattle

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Wednesday December 31, 2008

British Airways flight: 49

Depart 2:20 pm London (LHR)

Arrive 4:01 pm Seattle (SEA)

(all times local)

Helsinki to London

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Tuesday December 30, 2008

SAS Flight: 6587      Operated by: BLUE 1

Depart 12:05 pm Helsinki (HEL)

Arrive 1:15 pm London (LHR)

(all times local)

Last days.

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When Finnish books meet fire.

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Its funny, part of the reason i moved to Finland was to prove to someone that i was smart enough to learn finnish. I am no longer friends with that person, and i discovered that not only am i not smart enough to learn finnish, i actually hate the language entirely.

Last week i found myself sitting in front of a lit fireplace, and while at the time i was angry at the pet bunny for biting me yet again i thought it would be a little rash to throw it in the fire, so i put my finnish book in instead. I sat there mesmerized by the flames too long to get a photo of the words burning, but trust me.. its the finnish book.

Music for Airplanes.

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Who wants to make a 9 hour playlist for my ipod?.. No one?
Ok, how about you make an hour playlist and put it in the comments and if 9 people do that ill have 9 hours! It would be even more wonderful if you emailed me the songs.

Exit from Funland Finland.

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things i will miss about finland


2. Moomins. Now most of you reading this don’t have a clue what a Moomin is. I’d advise you to look it up on wikipedia, and then on youtube.

3. Lingonberry porridge, and Karelian pies (with carrot and rice)

4. The people who choose to be my friend. (and the people who were tricked into it)

5. Minority Superheros (Black Superman only appears in Helsinki)

2008: A soundtrack.

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While i don’t obsessively keep track of new music, i do listen to music a lot. I depend on friends and random downloads to find new music. These are the songs that i found myself listening to the most. This is my life soundtrack for 2008.

Woodcat – Tunng
Valentine Heart – Tanita Tikaram
Fake Empire – The National
Keep The Car Running – Arcade Fire
Welcome Home – Radical Face
Dilaudid – The Mountain Goats
Heinrich Maneuver – Interpol
Clap Your Hands! – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Accused Of Stealing – The Delgados
Headrush – Kat Flint
People Get Ready – The Frames
Cycling Trivialities – José González


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So, its that time again. The time of year when i pack up all my things and flee. So, if you have not already addressed and stamped whatever it was you were going to send me in the mail. Don’t. Instead you can post it to my Seattle address. For those of you who no longer have my Seattle address, please email me and i will gladly give it to you.

So again, if you have not already taken it to the post office or put it in a post box, do not send. I REPEAT DO NOT SEND. I am only in Finland for another 2 weeks and with christmas things the mail would probably nto reach me in time.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's cell phone.

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Damn you Andy, and you too Zoe.. and Dominic and Kim. I have never even seen you with your iPhone, but i can already feel myself hating you for it. You sitting there touching your screen and me with my samsung flip phone, free with my contract. Pretending it’s all i want in a phone, though really its just all that i ‘need’.

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