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Yesterday I could have run away.

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Yesterday i (intentionally) missed my return flight to England. This is the first time i have ever missed a flight, intentional or otherwise. I wonder what happens… I mean i know what happens if someone checks in and then doesn’t get to their gate in a timely manor. Everyone who has ever been to an airport knows the poor fate of that person. ” Will Mr. Late-ass please report to gate 2.. your plane is ready to leave.” ” Will Mr. Late-ass please report to your gate.. or the plane will be leaving without you.” But what do they do if you just never check in?

Today i bought an asian pear. Trust me when i say it was as big as a baby's head, and cost $4.

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I think living in Finland has made me a bit soft when it comes to coldness. I hadn’t owned a winter coat in years. I bought one especially to wear in Finland where, i was told, it would be cold. I wore it. But still somehow seemed under dressed. My first winter there i found myself fighting everyone who kept telling me that i was under dressed. I didn’t think it was right to be warm when outside in the cold. I mean obviously i didn’t think it necessary to be as cold as the out side temperature, but wearing 5 different layers to be as warm as you would be inside seemed like cheating. Last winter i was fine ‘under dressed’. I am not sure when it happened but at some point this winter i found myself wearing wool tights, in some cases 2 pairs of socks on top of that, my thickest jeans, a shirt, a sweater, and my winter coat, hat scarves and gloves ( sometimes mittens on top of that). I was warm. But upon returning to seattle i have reverted to my old ways. People here walk around defying the weather. It will be freezing, and snowflakes falling from the sky… You will still see someone walking around in shorts, sandals with socks, possibly even flip flops. Mostly everyone else will be wearing a hoodie, if it’s cold enough, maybe 2 hoodies. Oh how i missed crazy.

The Emerald City…

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The travel gods blessed me. Nothing went wrong in my travel back to seattle, in fact i was upgraded and had a better more spacious and comfy seat yay random upgrades!

To do list: 2009

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– learn spanish

– become a better photographer

– loose weight, and keep lost weight off

– write more letters

– spend less time with my computer