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I am special too…

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So, i was sitting here thinking about stuff and i decided that I am just as special as Jesus.If he can have a 12 days world wide celebration of his birthday then damn it so can i! So March 1st will be the beginning of the 12 days of Quinn’s birthday! Oh yes.. you heard me… Twelve Days of Quinn’s Birthday. I need a song.. anyone want to write it for me? I was thinking maybe.. On the first day of Quinn’s birthday her true friends gave to her.. a bottle of Tequila. You know.. Think it over.

Quinn vs the lollipop

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Photo By Nicole Kelly @ Lightlabs


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Photo By Nic Launceford @ Lightlabs Valloween Party (Feb 13,2009)

Today I…

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Camera stalked this guy in the morning.

Found myself wanting this car in the afternoon.

Longingly gazed at birds all day long.

signs of spring

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birds on a wire…

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one of these birds pooped on me.

To do list 2009 revisited : 1 month down

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– I have not learned any more spanish but i did buy one of those fridge magnet poetry things in spanish! 1/2 point!

– I have not picked up my camera since ive been back. I fail.

– Not only have i not lost any weight i have gained 10 pounds. Double Fail. But i did join the YMCA (this morning) and shall go every morning during the week.

– I have written no letters.

– I have done an excellent job with spending less time with my computer. 1 point!