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Sweet September.

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September was going to be a great month. I road in on a sugar high, giggling, and hopeful. But, like with any true artificial high, when the sweet turned to sour i was left with fatigue and exhaustion, headaches and mood swings, and cravings for more of the sugar i was now being denied. I never did get any more sugar. And while September turned out not to be so sweet i am still left with a hopeful feeling. This month turned into a stumble to find myself. I am not quite sure where i was left, and i didn’t even notice i was gone, but when i looked.. i wasn’t there. I stopped crafting a while ago. I haven’t made a book in months. My knitting lays in bags hung in the closet. Projects so neglected that i no longer even remember what it was i was knitting. My cameras have all been collecting dust on a shelf. My journals lay blank next to cracked paints, and pens with dried up ink.
I am determined to find myself in things people are learning to forget. Things that i remember i used to love. I picked up a new film camera from the thrift store, and a manual typewriter too. I dusted off my old AE-1, my Holga, and my Polaroid Land Camera. I have found some darkroom space to use and should start developing something useful in a matter of weeks ( months? who knows.. its been years). I have been listening to my walkman (thriftstore), and some old tapes. I will write some letters on my type writer, and i will send them out into the world, with a handmade envelope, and a smile.


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Photo By Stacia Weller

Things that make me happy: A second random list.

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Looking at old photographs of people i never knew.
The sound of wood crackling when its burning.
Boat rides.
Catching someone smiling at an inappropriate moment.
Daisies, and orchids.
Listening to music in the dark.
Watching trees dance.
New socks.
Beating new people in Bomberman.

My life with bikes… so far.

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August 6, 2009
Quinn dislikes flat bike tires.

August 11, 2009
Quinn: 0, bike/weather:1. Minor bike accident this morning in rain. Bike decided it wanted to laydown. Luckily I managed to control the slide and fall and the car behind me had time to stop. I only bruised my pride and scraped my elbow.

August 12, 2009
Quinn:1 , bike/weather: 1… Canadian geese: 0.

August 13, 2009
Quinn screams “I hate you flat back tire, and you too portable bike pump.” Bike/tires: 2 , Quinn: 0.
– Bike has a time out.

August 19, 2009
Quinn: 0 , bike/tires: 3 , random-good-samaritian-bike-guy who stopped going down a hill when he heard my tire pop then spent 10 mins finding and fixing a hole in the innertube just to discover the valve had torn who then biked down to a bike shop and finagled a new innertube from the annoyed shop keeper of the closed bike shop and then biked back up the hill to fix my tire!! : +5

August 21, 2009
Quinn sighs “I need a new innertube and a new tire now” Quinn: 0 , bike/tires: 5.

August 27, 2009
Quinn/bike:1 , jogger: 0.
– I think the me and the bike have bonded.

September 4, 2009
This uneventful bike week has been brought to you by Schwalbe Marathon Plus puncture proof tires.