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There’s no place like home?

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After days and days of looking we managed to find a house to rent that would allow me to keep the chickens. It took us two days but we managed to move all of our things. We still are not fully unpacked but its nice to finally have a place to settle into. I had been living out of boxes since mid may when we started preparing to buy a house. We kept getting word that the process was going to be finished soon so i kept living out of boxes in anticipation of the big move. The place we found to rent is much larger than the house we were trying to buy. I was worried that there would be too much empty space. But as it turns out, we have a lot of stuff. I appear to have a thrift store addiction, and more specifically a kitchen ware addiction. In all those boxes there was enough kitchen stuff to fill about three kitchens. Luckily for me i have two kitchens, one cooking kitchen and one craft kitchen. Lots of soap making will happen in the craft kitchen as soon as i finish unpacking.

The New Cast.

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I used to write here a lot. But then life got a bit more complicated and time got a bit too short and then i realized id forgotten to post about what was happening. And so you no longer know the full cast of players.

Almost a year ago you met Ben. Ben is a music nerd. He is very sweet and caring, but memory is to his brain as water is to a sieve. Oh, and he has the polar opposite of fashion sense. I’d like to blame this on his inability to distinguish the color blue from purple or shades of green, but then i would just be lying to myself. But lucky for us both, my taste in fashion is also questionable, as is my taste in friends. Somehow we work, and while there has been no official ceremony or legal documents, for all intents and purposes we are married.

With Ben comes one 13 year old son, Armand. Armand is a free spirit. He loves animals. He likes to bounce on trampolines, read books, watch tv. He loves school, and is obsessed with using the paper shredder. Armand is also autistic, and he can not talk. Life with Armand is difficult at times. I’d like to say that he means well, but the truth is that i don’t really know. I do know that his brain doesn’t work the way that my brain does. We are often both at a loss with understanding the other. But we try.

Then there is me of course. I mean well but i can become quite obsessed with the idea of something and then it takes me a while to amend my thinking, motivations, and actions to something else. But i usually get what i want eventually. Right now i am pretty determined to become more self sufficient. The urban farm i’m planing in my head is off to a start.

In mid September i got a peeping box in the mail. Inside there were 4 cute little chicks. I had set out to get chicks that all were different but in the end i ended up getting 3 that looked very similar and one that looks drastically different. I named her Granger. Granger is a Speckled Sussex. She is my favorite. She is very friendly. But she also insist on scratching everything until it is a mangled mess. This would be fine normally but she keeps filling the water with wood shavings or news paper.But we cope. Hilly is a Plymouth Barred Rock. She is ok with people, but isn’t nearly as friendly as Granger, though she isn’t anywhere near as messy. I also have an Austrolorp named Erwin. She started out being very skeptical of people, but the other day she flew over and sat in my lap. Since then she has been more open to allowing me to pick her up. And last we have Tilling. Tilling is a Silver Cuckoo Maran. She followed Erwin’s lead and doesn’t enjoy being picked up so much. The chickens are still young. 7 weeks at the moment. They wont start lay eggs until february or march. Right now i’m just hoping none of them is a rooster, but knowing my luck if anyone is.. its probably Granger.

I promise, this time i’ll stay.

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I thought i would have very exciting news to post about. I thought i was going to have Very exciting news to post about at the end of June. And then i thought for sure by the end of July. But then August came and went, then September. By the middle of October it was becoming more clear that the news i would be posting about would not be so much exciting as sad and frustrating.

Ben and I worked for a year to fix up his old house and sell it. Our intention was to buy a new house just north of seattle where i could grow food, raise chickens, have a tiny urban farm and eventually start crafting things to sell. We had this whole plan to start our life together. Better school for Armand, much shorter commute for Ben to work a nice (but small) bit of land to grow food and become more self sufficient. We sold the house with many complications but it sold. We saved a ton of money (not really a ton but a lot for us especially in such a short time). It was going to be wonderful. But then things went horribly wrong again. Due to a mixup in bank paperwork, miscommunication, and possibly blatant negligence on the part of a bank concerning the sell of the previous house we found out we would not be allowed to buy a house. After 6 months of waiting and doing everything we were told or asked to do we found out that due to a bank error we were not eligible for a loan for the next several years. To say that we were devastated, that I was devastated would not begin to express the despair i felt (am feeling). Suddenly all that i had built up in my head was crashing down around me.

Where would the chickens go? Can i even keep the chickens? Can we afford to rent a house? Would i be allowed to grow food at a rental house? IS there even a house we can rent in a neighborhood with good schools?!?!

Its been a very stressful year. And an even more stressful week. We are putting the pieces back together, we will make it work. I decided i am not willing to give up the chickens. Nor the desire to try and grow our food. Im still going to try and craft things to sell. I was about to give up, lay down, and surrender. But then someone said something to me about how if they couldn’t get this one thing that they weren’t going to even bother trying to figure out how to do the rest of what it was they wanted to do. And i found myself thinking “well that’s stupid” And then i realized that that is what i was being too.. stupid. Yes, not getting the house is a huge setback. And YES, not being able to buy any house for the foreseeable future is a colossal setback, but we can make it work. I think… We can make it work, right?