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Mini Loaves and mini eggs

In chickens, Hand-made life on March 29, 2012 at 00:29

I found some mini Le Creuset oval shapped dutch ovens at Goodwill. I didn’t need mini dutch ovens, but they were only $3 each so i had to get them. All 4 cost less than 1 would have cost new, and these were completely unused! I made some mini loaves of bread in them. They turned out ok, i forgot to grease them so the bread got a little stuck, but other than that yay.

mini bread

mini dutch ovens

In other news all 4 chickens are laying. Last week we got a 4th soft shelled egg that didn’t make it out of the nesting box, but today i found a tiny 4th egg waiting for me. We have over a dozen eggs now. We will have to start eating more eggs, and maybe ill give some to the neighbors.

Urban Farm Handbook Challenge : March.. CHEESE!

In Hand-made life, Urban Farm Handbook Challenge on March 22, 2012 at 22:34

Dill Lemon cheese (ricotta)
Yesterday i made some cheese. I made some Lemon cheese with a slight dill flavor. Its like ricotta in flavor and texture. I used raw cows milk and while i am not a huge fan of ricotta type cheeses this one taste nice, and someone who loves ricotta told me that it taste amazing. This was by far the easiest cheese to make.
cheese straining
I also started some cream cheese. It is currently still straining. Hopefully it will turn out well. This weekend we make mozzarella!

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

In chickens, Hand-made life on March 22, 2012 at 22:26

We now officially do not need to buy eggs from the store! The chickens have gifted us with 15 eggs so far. Yesterday they gave us 3 in one day. We don’t go through eggs that fast since we mostly eat them for breakfast on the weekends and for baking. I do a lot of vegan baking though so whatever the chickens give us will most likely be enough. At least 3 of the chickens are laying, and one is laying every day.I was sure Tilling was the one who was not laying since we have not seen any of the rich dark chocolate brown eggs she Cuckoo Marans are known for. But i caught her in the nesting box yesterday so i have no idea now. But we are thankful for the eggs. Thank you chickies!

Today the chickens are 6months old, and I am 33.

In chickens on March 12, 2012 at 05:10

Today is my 33rd birthday, and the chickens are 6 months old. Happy birthday to me, and keep the eggs coming chickies.

Hilly Hilly (I think she started laying eggs first)

Granger Granger


Irwin Irwin (Its possible that she is the first layer, though its probably Hilly)

chicken run frame

In chickens on March 11, 2012 at 22:00

chicken run frame by Quinnwick
chicken run frame, a photo by Quinnwick on Flickr.

Almost finished. Just need to put the door on and cover everything with hard wire cloth. Sounds easy but reaching 8 feet up is kind of hard. and im scared of the ladder.

…And with that i present to you: the chickens’ first egg.

In chickens on March 11, 2012 at 02:56


I knew this day was coming soon. Right now the chickens are allowed to run around the yard for a few hours each day. I did not want to have to go searching under bushes and trees for eggs, so we decided to finally build them a run. We have been trying to build this thing for a few weeks now. Its taking us longer than it should because we only get a few hours each week to work on it, and we both had conflicting ideas about how we should go about constructing such a structure. In the end my plan won out, if only because i insisted it was the only one that would work. Building anything is way out of our skill set, mostly because we do not have any tools. We bought a bunch of wood and some screws. The plan was to build something that was easy to take apart so that we could move it with us when we left this rental house. We tried desperately to put screws in, but they kept getting stripped by the power drill, and even a manual screwdriver. I;m not sure what this wood had against screws but after having to remove 5 of them we gave up and switched to nails. We argued. We yelled, at the wood, at the nails, at the hard wire cloth, and at each other. As it turns out building things is stressful, and hard. Today we managed to put together the last of the walls, and attach all the walls to each other. We just need to finish putting the hard wire cloth on, and attaching the run to the coop. That will have to wait until next weekend though. I wanted to push for getting it done today but we were wet from the rain and very tired, and it was getting dark.

In the Garden: first sprouts – tomatoes!

In Gardening on March 6, 2012 at 00:53

first sprouts: tomatoes

first sprouts

I went crazy with seed catalogues this year. I ended up ordering seeds from Uprising Seeds , and its possible that i was a bit enthusiastic with my gardening plans. I have been planting seeds, staggering them so everything is not ready to eat at the same time. Yesterday i noticed a tiny green head popping out of the dirt, and by the end of the day there were a few more. I now have 6 tiny tomato plants growing. yay. Lets hope they don’t die, and maybe sometime in the future i will have some tomatoes!