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Urban Farm Handbook Challenge : April… Gardening

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Starting things from seed!
This year with the new garden i decided to start as much as possible from seed. Most things i started inside (even if they didn’t like to be transplanted), but i did put some things straight in the soil once the beds were ready and some of them even came up!. Radishes, beets, carrots, tomatoes, winter squash, summer squash, cucumbers, spinach, peppers, fennel, onions, mustard greens, broccoli,lettuce and so much more. For the most part things went well. I started a bunch of herbs, but they died. I think i over watered them. Ill try again once i have some space inside.

pepper starts in the front, and some fennel in the back
pepper starts!

Radishes! (peas, and trellis in the back)

Potatoes in the sacks, tomatoes in the buckets, carrots and beets in the half barrels.
deck garden

Something has been eating my radish tops, and my lettuce and broccoli sprouts, and i brought home some aphids on a few starts i got. I made an all natural aphid poison from soap and oil. I sprayed the infested mint, and lemon balm. Im hoping it does the job, i did see a few lacewings over there too. I am hoping we can work together to get rid of the evil aphids. Though i still need to figure out what is eating my seedlings. I have not seen anything around there though i suspect i have a cutworm infestation. I plan on putting some collars on a few things. And preemptively getting some predator wasps for possible fly and maggot issues that may arrive once the weather gets warmer.

We have been trying to to make use of any materials we find around. When some branches were cut down from a large tree we discovered rolls of old wire fencing. I decided to turn some of it into trellises for the pees, and squash. And we are trying to make use of the limbs that were cut down as well. Some of them were quite large and since we don’t have access to a chipper we need to make use of them as they are. The chickens got a new jungle gym to roost on, and we are trying to figure out how to use other limbs to mark off new beds.

*AHEM* Have i mentioned that i am famous?

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So, a while back i entered a pie recipe contest. In all honesty it was the last min to enter, and i figured i had no chance of winning, so i thought real hard about a pie and i made a recipe up. Guess what? I am in fact so wonderful that the pie made the cut and will be featured in a book to be released in september. I am afraid that the photo of me in the book is not very good but oh well. YAY BOOK!
More info on the book/contest here: Pieography

Chicken run redux

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Remeber this…?
chicken run frame This structure took us probably 3 weeks to do since we only got to work on it for a few hours each weekend. Last weekend we decided this was never going to work. We took it down, and started over.

Today we basicly finished this!
the chicken shack We need to put some hard wire cloth on the bottom to make it rat proof, but the chickens can spend time in it during the day. I found some plexiglass on the side of the road near our place and decided it would make a wonderful roof to keep out the rain and let in the light. YAY! It feels great to finally be done this, now i can get my garden ready and not worry about the chickens eating or scratching up the starts.