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In the Garden: May 2012

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garden may
(bad composite photo of the patio and the 2 beds next it)

The red cabbage, onions, and beets in the right bed are doing well. The potatoes in the sacks are doing well. Carrots in the half barrel, and new lettuce in the box are doing lovely. Herbs in the pots.. lemom verbena, basil, stevia, tarragon, catnip, doing lovely. The cauliflower, and peas in the left bed. We pulled and ate all the radishes in the left bed that grew. Some of them didn’t and they were given to the chickens. The beets in the left barrel got eaten by squirrels. I hope they enjoyed them. I plan on fighting back next time. The tomatoes in buckets in the far end of the garden are doing ok. I will watch them for a bit to make sure they are getting enough of what they need. We are preparing to put out the squash and cucumber starts we grew. They will go just on the other side of the ferns. And the corn will go just behind the white rhodys next to the tomatoes which surprisingly gets the most sun. Around on the other side of the house the garlic is doing well, as is the spinach, broccoli, kale, fennel, and mustard greens. i have more lettuce to put out with some more rappini. The first batch that was started in the ground got eaten by cutworms. I decided to start more inside and transplant them in a bed in the upper garden once it was a little established. I am hoping we will have some to harvest. Ill need to do a sweep to see if there are any cutworms in the new bed, and i plan on getting some predator wasps to help me with the cutworm infestation i seem to have in the lower garden down around the chickens.

All in all so far things are going well. It is hard putting this much energy in a garden at a rental house, but ill just think of it it as a test garden. Also hard to anticipate what condition everything is in since we have only been here for 7 months. Looking forward to making more things grow!

Soap day may 2012

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Soap day may 2012 by Quinnwick
Soap day may 2012, a photo by Quinnwick on Flickr.

The soap is done! The Soap is ready! YAY SOAP!
Carly and i made 2 batches of soap in april. One was our normal recipe with a grapefruit scent, and the other was a shampoo bar with an amended recipe from the soap makers companion book. I have to say that i couldn’t wait to use the shampoo bars so i have been using it for a couple weeks now. It is lovely. We stopped buying shampoo a few months ago and we had been using up the soap from last years soap making party. The old vanilla soap was nice but i can tell the differences in using a bar made for hair and one just general soap. I think ill start on a new batch in a week or so. I need to find a conditioner bar recipe and then my hair will be fully pampered with home made love. Right now i’m just using a vinegar rinse and while that is working fine for Ben and Armand, my hair needs a bit more moisturizing and detangling action.

Bitter bitter greens

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I mowed the lawn today with the push mower. We don’t really have that much grass or weeds, we have a lot of moss though. I usually pick the dandelions and lambs quarters for the chickens, but they had already had their fill of greens for today so i decided to pick some dandelions for us to eat tonight with dinner.

DSCF3001 2

I decided to make some garlic dandelion greens, and use the flowers for some lime curd waffles.
DSCF3004 3
I was sure the greens woudl taste amazing since i mean you cant really go wrong with greens and garlic. I was, however, unsure about the waffles. Id never put dandelion flowers into anything before. As it turns out the waffles, while they did not look wonderful, tasted lovely and the greens were way too bitter. I guess i had forgotten how bitter dandelion greens could get.
We still had a lovely meal Waffles made from grains ground on our bike powered grain mill and lime curd also made by me. We used eggs from the chickens for some dill scrambled eggs, and the lovely oh too bitter dandelion greens. It wasn’t 100% home grown, but we are getting close.

DSCF3011 1

In the Garden: First harvest – radishes!

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first Radishes

I plucked the first things out of the garden today. Yummy crunchy radishes. Im not a huge radish fan, but i ate one anyway. I grew these mostly for Ben who loves veggies, and things that crunch. I did not plant very many in the first crop, and actually not very many in the second one either. These were some seeds i had lying around from some free giveaway last year. Nothing else is anywhere near harvesting, but i am hopeful. Some pesty thing ate all the lettuce and broccoli sprouts, so i had to start more inside. Ill transplant them when they get bigger and hope the bugs don’t eat too much of them before i get to. We also started some winter squashes, zucchini, cucumbers, spinach, and corn. All but the corn has sprouted nicely. The corn is just starting to peek out of the dirt. I still don’t know where i will be planting it but i’m going to try and grow it in this yard. The tomatoes were planted into their 5 gallon buckets and evicted to the outside 2 weeks ago. Im still making observations to see what will be the sunniest spot in the yard but for now they seem happy where they are in the middle of everything. Once i figure out where gets the most sun i will put the peppers out to join the tomatoes. I am excited!