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Bitter bitter greens

In Hand-made life on May 12, 2012 at 02:41

I mowed the lawn today with the push mower. We don’t really have that much grass or weeds, we have a lot of moss though. I usually pick the dandelions and lambs quarters for the chickens, but they had already had their fill of greens for today so i decided to pick some dandelions for us to eat tonight with dinner.

DSCF3001 2

I decided to make some garlic dandelion greens, and use the flowers for some lime curd waffles.
DSCF3004 3
I was sure the greens woudl taste amazing since i mean you cant really go wrong with greens and garlic. I was, however, unsure about the waffles. Id never put dandelion flowers into anything before. As it turns out the waffles, while they did not look wonderful, tasted lovely and the greens were way too bitter. I guess i had forgotten how bitter dandelion greens could get.
We still had a lovely meal Waffles made from grains ground on our bike powered grain mill and lime curd also made by me. We used eggs from the chickens for some dill scrambled eggs, and the lovely oh too bitter dandelion greens. It wasn’t 100% home grown, but we are getting close.

DSCF3011 1

  1. I thought the thing with dandelion greens was you have to get to them very early, like before they flower? We had waffles for dinner the other night too! Mmmm, waffles.

  2. You may very well be right. Though most of the flowers came form different plants than the leaves, but they were probably not so young. I may try again, but i think the chickens will get the dandelion greens since they seem to enjoy them much more than i did.

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