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Apples…apples… ugh, apples

In Hand-made life, photos on November 13, 2012 at 19:51

In early october Ben told me that if we wanted to pick apples from his great aunts orchard that we had to get picking. I was excited about the idea of picking apples, having never done it before. The afternoon was fun and much quicker than i expected. We enlisted the help of a friend and her children. We sent the kids into the trees and apples came pouring down. By the end we had a trunk full of apples. Quite literally. I was excited! I like apples. I like apple pie. I like apple sauce. I like dried apples. I like apples! We picked 3 different kind of apples. We were told 2 of them were good storage apples, and one needed to be eaten pretty quickly. We sorted the apples into kinds and shape. Apples that were non storage, bruised, or blemished went into the apple sauce and apple pie now pile. The rest a good 70lbs of apples in perfect condition went into the food storage room in the basement. The plan was to work through the apples that were going to turn quickly and save the perfect apples for juicing or for fresh eating into the winter. To sauce or pie them if they started to get mealy or we were just tired of apples. I finished processing the 50lbs of apples in the process now pile. I was glad to be done. I had decided that i was going to use every part that could be used. I made apple sauce, and dried apples. With the peels and cores i made apple syrup and apple cider vinegar. The bits left over after that went to the chickens (except for the vinegar left overs which went to the compost bin as they had fermented and i did not want drunk chickens). This made for a lot of yummy things, but also a lot of work. But i was done, finally… or so i thought. As it turns out the good storage apples, are not so good for storing. While the apples in the storage room are not rotting, they are for the most part all mealy, and not very tasty for eating fresh nor are they useful for juicing at this point. I can work a bit slower than i did with the first batch of apples, but i still need to process the rest eventually. At this point i’m not sure i like apples anymore. 55lbs left.