This is the world. This is my life. These are my words.

I seem to keep finding myself here, again. 

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I always start the year off thinking that it will be different from the last. Not diffierent as in the events that pass are bound to be, but different in that  my mind will grow differently. It will develop differently depending on the events that I witness, and by the events that are relayed to me in the stories and experiences of those i meet. And i hope that in turn I can play a part in the growth of someone elses mind, so that they to may be different this year, by being more of themselves.  

I have not posted in quite some time. When last i wrote there was a lot of things happening. To many things to talk about and then too many things to step away from to tell. And then there was nothing. Nothing new to say. And so like many times before i said nothing.  But here i find myself again with words to share. 

In august of 2013 we bought a house.  

 The house is located in south Seattle. We have an enormous spot for the food garden, the chikens have a large enclosed yard, and there is still enough space for  relaxing in nice weather. I have been busy the last 2 years fixing up the house and getting the yard into a gardenable space. It has been a lot of work but work that i have enjoyed. Neither the yard nor the house are “finished” but i think they are off to a good start. Currently the garden is a mess, but in a few weeks i will start preparing for the spring garden, and then the summer one. 

After we bought the house we started the processs of becomming foster parents witht he hope of adopting 1 or 2 infants or todlers from foster care. Everyone told us going through an agency would be best since our end goal was adoption. We jumped through all the hops and were issued a foster licence. Unfortunatly we have not had much luck or any good experiences with our agency and almost 2 years later (2 years of being licenced) we have had no foster children in our home. With the start of the new year we have decided to break up with our agency, which causes a bunch of complications, but things can not continue as they are. (more on this at a later date).

Mostly things are the same as they were. Ben is still obsessing over music ( Armand still finds joy in destroying all the things.  And I am trying to find the time to continue living that handmade, homemade life I long for.
Hello 2016.


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